Monday, September 12, 2011


Several times from different actors including KIMWAM, community in Mtwara cost zone had been provided with marine resources conservation knowledge that contributed to minimise the rate of marine degradation particularly through white corals harvesting for lime production, uses of ‘Kokoro’, bombing, uses of poisons and many more.

However, degradation now is on other form. Community has moved their activities such as lime production, quarrying and charcoal to the seashores. It’s Quarrying for lime production, sands, rocks and quarries for selling. This has resulted into increased deforestation at the shows. Trees are cut off for lime production, soil erosion has started and very high soil erosion is likely take place in areas in very recent time as the degradation continues.

As we visited BMU at Mbuo village on 23rd of August 2011, we asked them on what they do on this. One representative answered; “You now we were given training on marine resources management and not on seashores that is why we educated the community on effects of marine resources degradation and then they decided to shift on uplands especially lime producers and quarryman that we thought no problem on it...”
As discussion went on, we told them the relationship in place between the sea and its shores but also that marine resources conservation does not mean only for resources within water but also for surroundings. Addition to that, environmental problems do not end on water bodies rather to all surroundings for our life and development. Through that explanation one replied;

“You are now gave us new idea, because at the training were not given such information and we expect to work on it.” Another said; “But this also will have another challenge to us. Remember that these people were shifted from the sea and moved to shores and we remained quite. Don’t you think that there will be challenge as in most cases these people do asks the alternatives as their life depends on these activities, what can we do?”

That was challenge to us, however we asked them to start giving awareness on environmental degradation and its effects to the community and their economy, through the understanding the one may decide on his/her will to search for alternatives.
It is a time for actors looking it as a challenge. Degradation is going on sea shows, communities does not see it as a problem even those provided with mandates for environmental conservation are not aware on their rights to deal with other areas of environment especial on seashores. Let us join efforts to work on this.

Written by HASSAN SAMLI-YET 2011.

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