Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This was discovered during the Young Environmentalists Trainees (YET’s) visit to Simanjiro community radio station and the Maasai community surrounding the radio station. The production manager Wilbert Kiwale informed YET’s that there were several programs of environment education by the radio to the Maasai community though from his statement and the observation we made during the visit to the Maasai bomas I come to the conclusion that the Maasai community needs more environment education.
The ORKONEREI radio station was established in 2002 its pioneer and Director being Mr Martin Kayungi. The main purpose of establishing the radio was to help the voice of the voiceless to be heard by the duty bearers in raising their environmental problems hence promoting awareness.
Kiwale informed YET’s that some of the environment programs that the radio station offers include; a thirty minutes environmental program and a one hour environmental program at night were the experts are used to discuss issues relating to environmental and more especially the Maasai leaders are used. Apart from the radio programs there have been several shows organized by the radio station to speak of various issues including the environment related matters.
Though the radio station has done its best there is still need for more environmental education to the Maasai communities. This was evidenced by garbages (plastic bags) around their areas. The plastic bags have also been threat to their cattle and children.
The formal knowledge they attained through radio programmes has helped them to sustainably manage their range for their cattle’s forage.
Simanjiro community radio is a good example of educating the society though media especially the marginalized communities like Maasai and other.

Written by SAMWEL MFANGA-YET 2011

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