Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Most people do not know the role played by journalist in promoting environment conservation. Many community members have negative attitude toward them as they think that they are liars, but in real sense, Journalists are the ones providing us with information about different environment issues. Journalists not only create awareness to community members but also advocate and expose various evil things which are affecting our environment.

This can be evidenced with the news written by journalist highliting the issue of illegal poaching of 130 animals with 14 species which were transported by Qatar air way from Tanzania to Doha on 26th November, 2011.This issue was not well known by most of us ,but the journalists with good intention in protecting our natural resources, aired out the sissue that make people and governement aware hence reacting on it. On the other hand, journalists work helped theis issue to be given priority and hence be discussed during the 2011-2012 parliament sessions.

As the result of the discussion in the Parliament, the minister of natural resources and the prime minister honourable Mizengo Pinda declared that the transportation of animals should be stoped immediately until further investigation are carried out, and right there the Director of wildlife was stopped from working to allow investigation steps to take place.

It is time now to empower and give journalist chance to work on the environment related issue because there are the ones with skills to explore people’s emotion to react on and to bring challenges and finally changes to community.
Written by;
Ruth John-YET2011

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  1. I like your article very is good to link the key stakeholders with environmental issues.

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